ASM Back End Systems at PCIM 2018



    The smart future of your production’s Back End
    ASM Back End Systems at PCIM Nuremberg

    Did you visit us at the PCIM trade fair in Nuremberg? The ASM Back End Systems Team showed you what ASM, the world´s only equipment supplier of trailblazing technology innovations for the Back End of your electronics production, can do for you. Also the technologically leading advance packaging technology from ASM Back End Systems was shown ‘live’ with many other show highlights this year.


    Highlights at the PCIM trade fair
    NEW – ASM Sintering Press Solution
    # Uniform pressure sintering
    # Multiple substrate formats
    # Oxidation free environment
    Die placement with the record-breaking speed of ASM’s SIPLACE:
    we address the need for the combined assembly of bare dies and SMD components to single packages (SiP) or electronic submodules. 
    # Sunbird
    •  High-speed inspection
    •  High-speed taping of dies or wafer level components
    •  Full quality control and traceability

    •  High speed and high accuracy assembly of bare dies and SMD components from tape

    Make the back end of your production fit for the future!