Encapsulation / Molding

Perfectly encapsulated and protected

Transfer or compression molding, granulate or liquid epoxy resin, different EMC patterns, wafers or panels as carriers, automation requirements – the seemingly simple molding process gets complicated very quickly when you go into the details, and these details make all the difference. Wafer/panel level encapsulation (e.g., WLFO), multi-chip designs, high density lead frames, etc. make things even tougher.

But wait, there’s more: How can you compensate for warped wafers? Can you combine prototype and high-volume production in a single solution? How can you simplify downstream singulation processes with innovative molding techniques and improve yield rates and packaging? We have the answers.


Molding with keep-out zone (KOZ)

Molding with keep-out zone (KOZ) makes ORCAS the ideal solution for subsequent singulation with laser separation. Thanks to special tooling, the keep-out zone's sawtooth pattern remains visible at the edge of the carrier. The laser can cut with exceptional precision and without any additional preparation steps. You benefit from higher yields rate and more efficient packaging options.


Our Solution:

  • ORCAS - Scalable compression molding