Wire Bonding

Highly flexible wire bonding and process control


Wire bonding

Wire bonding continues to be one of the most important connection technologies in electronics. To accommodate ever smaller and more densely packaged components and new wire materials while meeting the need to become ever more efficient and network and monitor every step, new solutions are needed. ASM Back End Systems offers them.


Free choice of wire material

Expensive gold wires are increasingly being replaced by alternatives like aluminum, palladium and copper wires. Our new solutions enable you to run different processes with a wide range of materials. For the first time, modern software makes the machine's configuration quick and easy. Depending on the product, the cost savings can be substantial – without compromising the process or product quality.


AEROEYE – Continuous quality and maintenance monitoring

AEROEYE delivers powerful and comprehensive performance and quality control for the bonding process. The system measures process accuracy in all relevant substeps – from checking the height prior to the first bond to separating the tail bond. It also features advanced functions like Aero Diagnostic and Aero Predictive Maintenance. Your benefits: fewer errors and improved yields for more efficiency and lower costs.  


Our wire bonding innovations X-Power

Our new AERO Bonder features a completely redeveloped transducer at its core. The AEROducer is made of innovative composites that are light, stiff and durable. As a result, the AEROducer breaks the boundaries between classic table scrubbing and wire bonding without table scrubbing (X-Power). Fast, flexible and precise, it represents a huge leap in productivity that opens up new applications areas in high-density technologies.


Our Solution:

  • AERO Bonder - Highly flexible wire bonding and process control