This ultra-flexible high-end solution is our latest and most powerful chip placement solution that leaves virtually nothing to be desired. NUCLEUS supports a wide range of WLP/PLP processes with many wafer and panel sizes. It can be deployed in die-up and die-down processes and offers a whole series of options to further improve your efficiency and process stability.

  • High-precision chip placement system for C2W, FOWLP, PLP, and active embedding
  • - Flip chip with local alignment (5,000 UPH with ±2.5 µm @ sigma)
  • or
  • - Global alignment: > 6,000 UPH @ ±3.5 μm, 3 sigma)
  • Total production capacity flexibility:
  • - Adaptable to die-attach and flip-chip processes
  • - Local and global alignment
  • - Includes flux dipping
  • - High-force bonding, also in high temperatures
  • Automatic tool changer for picking up different chip types