Do you combine bare die and SMT component placement in your production of modules and embedded parts, or do you want to have a universal solution for both panel level packaging with large carriers and SMT placements?

Only ASM can offer a single solution for two previous separate processes: SIPLACE CA.

With the SIPLACE CA you can feed bare dies directly from the wafer and accurately transfer them to large panels while you simultaneously feed classic SMT components from tapes and feeders. Take advantage of the unique capabilities of the SIPLACE CA in reconfiguration, SMT placement, or a combination of both.

Closing the gap between chip assembly and SMT processes

  • Processes large panels (535 mm x 610 mm) at maximum speed
  • Handles SMT components and dies from wafer in a single machine – perfect for SiP (system-in-package) production
  • Maximum accuracy for panels up to 330 mm x 330 mm: 10 µm @ 3 sigma
    Larger panels: 15 µm @ 3 sigma
  • Up to 80,000 UPH for SMT; up to 42,000 UPH for flip-chips from wafers; up to 28,000 UPH for die-attach from wafers
  • Consistently high placement performance for SMT components ranging from 0201 to 6 mm x 6 mm