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ASM SUNBIRD & SIPLACE TX micron: More efficient placement of flip-chips

While inline solutions with die bonders reduce the productivity and flexibility of SMT placement lines, ASM offers a smart combination solution to decouple the wafer handling from the flip-chip placement process. In the course of miniaturization, individual dies or flip-chips are increasingly being assembled in SiPs (System in Package), submodules and small assemblies in addition to SMT components. Previous inline solutions require complex wafer handling on the SMT line and slow down placement performance with comparatively slow flip-chip or die bond processes. Now ASM presents a new, significantly more efficient solution.

First flip, then chip: Decouple wafer handling and SMT process
The basic idea: Why complicate the SMT line unnecessarily by integrating a die bonder and reduce its placement performance? ASM therefore decouples wafer handling and flip-chip assembly in two process steps and systems. The result is a significant gain in flexibility and productivity for electronics manufacturers.


SUNBIRD for inspection, testing, marking and taping of dies

SUNBIRD is a system for inspection, sorting and taping. With the SUNBIRD turret head, 6-sided optical inspection, electrical function testing, laser marking, sorting and packing can be efficiently combined. The dies are removed from the wafer and then go through all process steps offered in SUNBIRD. Up to 30,000 of these can be inspected, tested, marked and taped fully automatically per hour. The result is tapes in which the dies are simply stored and already flipped for SMT placement. With SUNBIRD, electronics manufacturers can bring the entire process chain right up to the tape into their own company, simplify storage and processing of the dies and remain flexible in SMT assembly.


SIPLACE TX micron: Precision for flip-chip assembly

In order to achieve the assembly accuracy required in flip-chip assembly, ASM now offers the SIPLACE TX micron, a new, specially configured variant of its top model. SIPLACE TX micron meets the increased requirements in SiP/Advanced Packaging and submodule production - with an extremely high assembly capacity at the same time. Through the interaction of special glass-ceramic scales, high-resolution vision system, vacuum tools, high-precision linear motors and control software, the SIPLACE TX micron with two SIPLACE SpeedStar placement heads achieves a placement accuracy of 15µm @ 3 sigma at placement rates of up to 78,000 BE/h (components per hour). All this enables the flip-chips equipped in the tapes to be assembled precisely, highly efficiently and in combination with other SMT components down to component sizes of 0402 (metric). The prerequisite for this solution combination of ASM is that the dies have been prepared in the wafer for the flip-chip assembly (bumps) and their contacting can take place via printed solder pads.


Powerful combination: SUNBIRD and SIPLACE TX micron

  • Simple upgrade of SMT lines to include Back End capabilities
  • High speed placement of SMD and bare dies with one machine
  • No need to include a slow flip-chip bonder into the assembly line
  • Full control of the process from wafer to assembled product
  • Ensuring highest quality of used dies
  • Flexibility to run assembly with different die and lot sizes

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